Designing is the most interregnal part of making a gasket.
Make a gasket work perfectly depends upon not just 1 thing but many things coming together and working flawlessly.

Here is how we do it:

gaskets india manufacturing

Designing a gasket starts with making sure each and every dimension is exactly as per OE standards. We make sure all our gaskets are made on AutoCAD first and when once approved we move to the next step.

Choosing the raw material is a crucial part of making a perfect gasket.
Checking Metal properties like Hardness, Grade, Malleablity etc. ensures to make a gasket as we desire.

Cutting with precision and using moulds which are designed as per OE specifications.

Each mould is designed in house and made with top grade steel which lasts years.


Quality control at every process.
We take quality checks as the most important process.
From procuring of raw materials to mould cutting to final dispatch.
Each process goes through multiple quality checks and only after each product is passed through these checks we delivery the goods.